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· 3 min read
Brad Zacher

typescript-eslint is the tooling that enables standard JavaScript tools such as ESLint and Prettier to support TypeScript code.

We've been working on infrastructure improvements that will help ensuring long-term interoperability with other tools in the ecosystem. In particular this major release tightens our dependency requirements to help set us up for ESLint v9 and includes a new package typescript-eslint providing full support for flat config files!

Breaking Changes

This is a small major release with just three breaking changes:

  1. Update Node.js engine requirement to ^18.18.0 || >=20.0.0. This means we are dropping support for Node 16, 19, and Node 18 versions prior to 18.18.0. Note that this is the same requirement that ESLint v9 will impose.
  2. Update the TypeScript peer dependency requirement to >=4.7.4.
  3. Update the ESLint peer dependency requirement to ^8.56.0.

For most users this means that an upgrade from v6 should just look like this:

npm i eslint typescript @typescript-eslint/parser @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin