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Relative TSConfig Projects with `parserOptions.project = true`

· 6 min read
Josh Goldberg
typescript-eslint Maintainer

"Typed linting", or enabling ESLint rules to tap into the power of the TypeScript type checker, is one of the best parts of typescript-eslint. But enabling the type checker in repositories with multiple tsconfig.json files can be annoying to set up. Even worse, specifying the wrong include paths could result in incorrect rule reports and/or unexpectedly slow lint times.

Improving the setup experience for typed lint rules has been a long-standing goal for typescript-eslint. One long-standing feature request for that experience has been to support automatically detecting TSConfigs for developers. We're happy to say that we now support that by setting parserOptions.project equal to true in ESLint configurations.

This post will explain what life was like before, what's changed, and what's coming next. 🎉