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· 12 min read
Josh Goldberg

typescript-eslint is the tooling that enables standard JavaScript tools such as ESLint and Prettier to support TypeScript code. We've been working on a set of breaking changes and general features that we're excited to get in front of users soon. And now, after over two years of development, we're excited to say that typescript-eslint v6 is ready for public beta testing! 🎉

Our plan for typescript-eslint v6 is to:

  1. Have users try out betas starting in early March of 2023
  2. Respond to user feedback for the next 1-3 months
  3. Release a stable version summer of 2023

Nothing mentioned in this blog post is set in stone. If you feel passionately about any of the choices we've made here -positively or negatively- then do let us know on the typescript-eslint Discord's #v6 channel!