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Announcing typescript-eslint v8 Beta

ยท 13 min read
Josh Goldberg
typescript-eslint Maintainer

typescript-eslint is the tooling that enables standard JavaScript tools such as ESLint and Prettier to support TypeScript code. We've been working on a set of breaking changes and general features that we're excited to get in front of users soon. And now, we're excited to say that typescript-eslint v8 is ready for public beta testing! ๐ŸŽ‰

Our plan for typescript-eslint v8 is to:

  1. Have users try out betas starting in May of 2024
  2. Respond to user feedback for the next ~1-2 months
  3. Release a stable version within the next ~1-2 months

Nothing mentioned in this blog post is set in stone. If you feel passionately about any of the choices we've made here โ€” positively or negatively โ€” then do let us know on the typescript-eslint Discord's #v8 channel!