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Pull Requests

This document serves as a guide for how you might review pull requests.

Use your best judgement when reviewing PRs, and most of all remember to be kind, friendly, and encouraging when responding to users. Many users are new to open source and/or typed linting. It's imperative we give them a positive, uplifting experience.


If you're ever unsure on any part of PR reviews, don't hesitate to loop in a maintainer that has more context to help!

PR Flow


We include a set of common responses to PRs in .github/replies.yml, intended to be used with the Refined Saved Replies extension. Don't treat these as exact responses you must use: they're just a starting copy+paste helper. Please do adopt your specific responses to your personal tone and to match the thread for non-straightforward PRs.

TODO: This will be filled out... soon!

Pruning Old PRs

Every so often, we like to search for open PRs awaiting response to find ones that might have been forgotten. Our flow for PRs that have been waiting for >=1 month is:

  1. Ping the author with a message like the Checking In template
  2. Add the stale label to the PR
  3. Wait 2 weeks
  4. If they still haven't responded, close the PR with a message like the Pruning Stale PR template