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Maintenance Guide

This is the maintainers guide to working on typescript-eslint. It's intended for use by contributors who have been given access to at least triage issues and pull requests. We keep it in the open for visibility into our processes.


If you're reading this as a new maintainer: welcome! We're happy to have you! ❤️‍🔥


We follow a loose governance model that covers roles on the maintenance team and their associated responsibilities. We see a few major benefits from doing so:

  • We want it to be clear how & why we do the things we do (especially around compensation and expectations around roles)
  • We want community input to make sure we're doing things the right way & focusing on truly useful improvements
  • As we add to the processes over time, it'll be easier to make those changes clear & reviewable by everyone

The following pages are a rough "v1.x" of our governance. We do our best to roughly adhere to this model - though at times we may shortcut tasks if there is no downside in doing so.

Changes to Governance

Any changes to this document will be posted for open discussion on the typescript-eslint GitHub Discussions and kept open for at least one month. The discussion will be shared at the beginning, middle, and end of that month on Discord and all our social media accounts.

Providing Feedback

We're always receptive to suggestions on how to improve our processes! For general feedback, we'd suggest posting in the #development channel on Discord. We can help you turn that into a GitHub discussion.


Please be kind: open source governance is an unsolved challenge. We might not know what impractical or non-ideal things we're doing. If there's anything sensitive you don't feel comfortable talking about in public, you can always DM or email one of the maintainers privately.