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We strongly recommend you do not use this rule or any other formatting linter rules. Use a separate dedicated formatter instead. See What About Formatting? for more information.

Enforce consistent spacing before blocks.


Some problems reported by this rule are automatically fixable by the --fix ESLint command line option.


This rule extends the base eslint/space-before-blocks rule. It adds support for interfaces and enums.

enum Breakpoint{
Large, Medium;

interface State{
currentBreakpoint: Breakpoint;

How to Use

module.exports = {
"rules": {
// Note: you must disable the base rule as it can report incorrect errors
"space-before-blocks": "off",
"@typescript-eslint/space-before-blocks": "error"
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See eslint/space-before-blocks options.

In case a more specific options object is passed these blocks will follow classes configuration option.


Taken with ❤️ from ESLint core